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High-Plot Ratio Development Land within Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Zone in Bandar Sunway; next to LDP Highway]

Property Details 1215

Property Address (Unit No.), Bandar Sunway, Daerah Petaling, Selangor
Land Area Approx. 1.47 Acres

Auction Details

Starting Bid
RM 28,000,000 (Approx. RM 437 per sq.ft)
Live Auction Pending Auction Date
Bidding Deposit 3% of Starting Bid

(Bidding Deposit, if made via online transfer, must be deposited directly into our company's bidder deposit account only. We have not authorised any 3rd party to receive the same on our behalf.)

Reasons to Buy

Commercial land coming through!
Finding commercial land in the heart of the city is practically hard, yet it is possible, and yes, we have the last one for you. Commercial land in Bandar Sunway is now up for auction!

1. Vast and levelled ground.
Located between Greenfield Residence and a new development condominium, this land area constitutes approximately 1.47 acres and can be your next gold mine. As vacant land investors, there are plenty of things you can work on with this versatile and profitable land.

2. Supreme location.
This is one of the last pieces of plot land in a prime area. The vacant land is conveniently located right next to Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP). Apart from having a strategic location, this area comes with great accessibility as well. The future buildings on this land will have high visibility, making them easy to spot from afar!

3. Reserved road.
There is an approved reserved road that you can use to access the land. Hence, you can carry out your business with minimal interruptions. Potential buyers will not have to worry about applying and going through the hassle of getting approval.

4. Potential Transit-Oriented Development Zone*.
The biggest concern for anyone before buying land would be location-wise. This plot of land has a lot of potential, including being located in the centre of the development area, easy accessibility, and being surrounded by plenty of good amenities. Indeed, it is an ideal place for your business to grow.

That said, this land is currently located within a 400-metre radius of the TOD-zone*. It means that this land and its surrounding area would only experience more urbanisation, subsequently increasing price appreciation for your commercial ideas.

5. High plot ratio.
Thinking of starting a housing development? Shop lot establishment? Great! The high plot ratio allows you to construct multi-level storeys and tall buildings - as long as they comply with the local council terms and conditions.
What are you waiting for?

Perfect and highly desirable for commercial use, this land has revenue potential and diversification options. Buying land in an up-and-coming area can be a lucrative investment. It’s a rare gem; it’s one of the last few prime pieces of land in Bandar Sunway!

*Subject to change

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